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Baltimore Cycling News: February 13, 2011

Q&A: Thomas Stosur, city planning director, Baltimore

Four city planners, four different plans for the future. 
As an addendum to our inaugural special package on the built environment, SmartPlanet take the pulse of what’s going on across the United States — through the eyes of four planners in cities across the country.

For the fourth and final edition of our four-part miniseries, we check out what’s going on in Baltimore.

Need to get from Federal Hill to Fells Point or Canton — too far to walk, too much traffic, on Pratt Street, expensive parking — soon a new option — bike share. Grab a bike in Federal Hill, drop it off in Canton. And with bike lanes, get there quicker than a car.

When I came to this bike lane in Baltimore, I had to stare at it for a minute or two before I realized why it looked so unusual to me: it is the first time I’ve seen a bike lane in the US that is painted green for its entire length.

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