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Jack Yates Ghost Bike crashed into, removed from post

Jack Yates Ghost Bike Moved

Jack Yates’s ghost bike, which was installed after his death by Velocipede bike collective, was hit by an out of control vehicle this week and is now sitting farther west down Lafayette Avenue, since it was detached from the post it was originally installed on. We have reached out to Velocipede to see if they have plans to reinstall the ghost bike.

Update - Since Velocipede only provided the memorial, they can replace the wheel or bike but not re-install it. If anyone knows who was responsible for the original installation and wants to let them know, please do. However, they have probably seen the damage by now.

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  • Tim

    while the bike was sourced from velocipede and painted/prepped by members of the shop, it was not velocipede’s (as an organization) initiative.  we would be happy to donate another wheel (or another bike if necessary) to the cause if someone wishes to take the initiative to replace it.

    • Liam

      Thanks, I will update the post for clarification.