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Bishop Bikes Takes Home 3 Awards at NAHBS

Bishop Bikes Best Lugged Steel Randonneur Frame

Photo Credit: Sophie Ballo

North American Handmade Bike Show came and went over the weekend, and after the dust cleared, Chris Bishop took home 3 awards from his stint in Austin.

The ribbon-adorned bike above won Best Lugged Steel Frame.

Bishop also won Best Fillet Frame and Best Steel Construction.  We have pictures of the former after the jump.

John Prolly's Bishop Bikes Road Bike

Photo Credit: John Watson

This monster was built for John Watson of Prolly is Not Probably fame. Look at that headtube! And Tommy really knocked the paintjob out of the park on this one.

Congrats to Bishop Bikes for its continued success.  We always look forward to the new creations that come out of Chris Bishop’s shop.

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  • Bryan Myers

    Paint scheme designed by Tommy,  Painted by FreshFrame where Tommy has been apprenticing for a little over a year.   Tommy’s finish talents have only just begun to be honed. Watch for more from this rising star. Thanks for a breath of fresh air Tommy!