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Baltimore Cycling News: March 21, 2012

Car maker hits pedals for bikes

Photo Credit: Amy Davis

Yesterday morning you may have noticed a ton of riders leaving Downtown on Redwood street. They are riding from Boston to DC, led by professional cyclist Tim Johnson. Check out the Baltimore Sun article below for a bunch of ridiculous euphemisms for people who ride bicycles and more information about the cause they are riding for.

Jonathan Browning built his career on four wheels, but his passion rides on two. Browning, Volkswagen Group of America’s top executive, doesn’t see why cars and bikes can’t — to steal a slogan from the automaker — coexist on the road of life.

Baltimore, Maryland isn’t known as a hotbed for hand-built bicycles. But Chris Bishop is putting it firmly on the map with his chess piece logo and award-winning framesets. His 1970’s California framebuilder style track bike won Best Steel Construction this year. New for 2012, frames entered in this category had to be unpainted.


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