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Baltimore Cycling News: March 27, 2012

Last year this blog featured about a dozen detailed posts on Maryland House Bill 363, which created a new crime of negligent vehicular homicide. Cyclists, AAA, victims families, and the elected states attorneys all supported that bill for several years before it became law; and WABA did the leg work to ensure that those living in the district of the key Senate Committee Chairman contacted their legislator.

There are pockets of resistance to proceeding with the Western County Bike Plan (“No one bikes” and “Why are we creating this plan when the county doesn’t have any money?…which it does).

Please attend this hearing, send letters of support and spread the word to help empower the forward thinking members of the Planning Board to ‘do the right thing.’ Councilmen David Marks and Tom Quirk plan to attend in support of the Western County Bike Plan.


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