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From the Comments – What can the 3 foot study teach us?

Last week we almost broke the internet with our post detailing a study which revealed that 1 in 6 motorists passes cyclists illegally in Baltimore. If the law isn’t going to have teeth built in, what can we do going forward? Joe Mizereck, Founder of the “3 Feet Please” campaign posted the following  in the comments.

This is good news, actually.  We now have a base of data to guide Baltimore and the rest of Maryland in the work that needs to be done to educate motorists about the law’s existence and significance.

If you look at this study and say the law isn’t making any difference, I would say, “How could it?”. Motorists don’t even know, for the most part, that the law exists.  This is where states that have passed the law drop the ball…they pass the law, pat themselves on the back and that’s it.  No public awareness campaigns.  No questions on drivers’ exams…they just assume motorists are going to figure it out for themselves.  That’s not how it works.

The greatest value of the law, isn’t in the number of tickets that are issued, but rather, in the number of motorists who are educated about the law and whose driving behaviors are changed as a result.  And this change in behavior will lead to fewer cyclists being injured and killed…and that will be great news.

Use this data as a starting point for change and saving lives.  You have the law…now make it work for you.

Good luck…lives are at stake.

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