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Baltimore Critical Mass is no more – say hello to Baltimore Bike Party

Baltimore Critical Mass

Photo Credit: Ramsey Beyer

As mentioned a few weeks ago, there was some disagreement among Baltimore bicyclists over what critical mass should be and how it can actually benefit our cause for safe cycling in the city. A new group around the idea of safe and courteous riding has formed, and we love their mission statement.

Gone are the days of the leaderless band of misfits roaming the streets, flipping drivers the bird, disregarding all manner of traffic laws and fighting off the police.  Baltimore has changed, the number of cyclists has changed, the manner of cycling has changed.  It is time to move away from the confrontational notion of fighting tooth and nail against the city, it’s residents, it’s government, and it’s streets.  It is time to build on the forward momentum that has been brewing in our city for several years now.  Instead of a constant negative battle, it is time for an influx of positive enthusiasm!  Sure, we aren’t Portland, or Austin, or San Francisco, and we probably never will be.  But that doesn’t mean we have to be pissed off about it.  We are Baltimore, we are cyclists, and we are here to grow, to bond, and to celebrate.

The next ride is the last Friday of April at 7pm – meeting at the Washington Monument.  In the mean time, join the party on Facebook HERE.

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