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Inner Harbor Promenade Misery (construction) continues

We posted a few weeks back about the construction underway to improve the inner harbor bike lane which allows you to ride West and East on Pratt street or North and South from Light Street towards Key Highway. The big orange guardrails are going away, and being replaced with more modern concrete barriers.

The construction is expected to continue until the very end of May. In the meantime, expect to deal with more cyclists on the promenade and even riding down Pratt Street against traffic, as we saw a couple times today.

Posted in Baltimore Cycling News, Bike Lane Reports.

  • Dukiebiddle

    Just a reminder:  The police are NOT allowing cyclists on the promenade during this construction phase.  The police are expecting cyclists to use the sidewalk and loading dock behind the pavilions.  I was stopped, warned and told where I was expected to ride.  I did politely try to argue my case for riding the promenade, and the policeman was politely not having any of it.  I’m not sure if there is a chance of getting anything more than a warning, but be forewarned, getting a ticket for riding on the promenade is a very real possibility.

  • Robert Manlapaz

    i actually rode over to a 4 bike officers standing in the urban outfitters archway and asked where i can ride. They didn’t make eye contact and im not positive if they actually said anything as one of the officers waved her finger towards a nondescript area.Not friendly, and they weren’t acknowledging me, perhaps my full lycra creeped them out or i was wondering if they were on edge because of the occupy Baltimore protest taking place nearby. 

  • Mike

    I haven’t had anyone stop me on the promenade yet, but I’ve only been riding there between McKeldin and the aquarium.  Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far.