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(Former?) Inner Harbor Bike Lane Update

Inner Harbor Bike Lane Construction

We nabbed this photo from the Bikemore Facebook page.  Anyone know what the vision is for these changes to the Inner Harbor bike lane?  I do not think one has been officially communicated, and I am starting to think of the Inner Harbor bike lane changes an eradication of the bike lane altogether.  Assuming paint is applied, do we realistically think it will stop tourists from simply ignoring the signage?  Color me a skeptic.

On a side note, I briefly rode on the Inner Harbor sidewalk (I know, I know…) and got barked at by a cop to ride on the bike lane.  You know, the one that’s inaccessible right now.

Good grief.

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  • Mark

    Pedestrians have plenty of space on the promenade. My opinion is that the rebuilt IH trail should be bike only.