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Announcing the Mt. Washington to Belvedere Square Bicycle Route Project

Bike Baltimore

Why build these bicycle improvements?

Funding for these improvements comes from a Maryland Department of Transportation Bikeways grant which aims to improve bicycle routes across the state. Creating a bicycle route between Mt. Washington and Belvedere Square will connect existing bike routes to transit and future trail extensions with commercial centers.

This project utilizes a combination of bicycle facilities to create a defined bike route. As identified in the 2006 Bicycle Master Plan, Bellemore Road and Lake Avenue connect Mt. Washington to Belvedere Square as a more bikeable alternative to Northern Parkway.

How will this affect my street?

  • A “road diet” will be implemented on the Kelly Avenue bridge converting the 4 lane road to 2 bike lanes (1 each direction), 2 vehicular travel lanes (1 each direction), and a turn lane at the Falls Road and Sulgrave Avenue intersections.
  • “Sharrows” will be added to Bellemore Road & Lake Avenue to guide cyclists and alert motorists to the presence of cyclists.
  • With speed humps already in place on Bellemore Road, vehicular traffic will not be affected by additional bicycle traffic.
  • Improvements to West Lake Avenue will utilize the existing bike lanes with additional treatments to improve conditions for area residents.
  • Wayfinding signs will be installed at select intersections to provide guidance for cyclists and other road users.
  • A solid white line will be installed to delineate the parking lane from travel lane along East Lake Avenue.

Will any parking spaces be lost?
No parking spaces will be lost with the recommended improvements.

When will construction begin?
Construction of this project will begin in late 2012 or early 2013. The Department of Transportation will conduct community outreach during the 2012 summer while continuing with the project’s design.

What if I have other questions?
Please contact the Department of Transportation’s Planning Division at 410-396-6856 or contact Nate Evans at

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