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Food at Tomorrow’s Bike Party

Baltimore Bike Party

Although I’ll be catching SCAPESCAPE tomorrow evening, I bet a lot of you are checking out Bike Party tomorrow.  And if you are, good news:  there’s gonna be plenty of food in the mix.  From the Bike Party website:

Both Busia’s Kitchen and IcedGems food trucks will be at the Dell, just for US! IcedGems is baking up a storm of cupcakes and Busia’s called me to say they were headed to the grocery. “We were thinking things like subs, mac n cheese, and our pierogis and usual stuff” she said. MMMMMMM. (There will be veggie and meat-eater options) please remember to bring some cash (and probably cards) to support these 2 awesome business who will be working hard to provide us all with tasty grub!

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