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Jones Falls Trail “Bike Blazes” Update

For those of you who ride the Jones Falls Trail, here’s another update from the elusive Bike Blaze Guy:

There are now bike blazes on the Jones Falls Trail between Charles and Lanvale
streets (near Penn Station) and Clipper Road (north of Druid Hill Park), which will
make it a little easier to follow. Those who want a sneak peak at a new section of
trail could continue north on Clipper Road and follow the recently paved trail to
Cold Spring Lane. It’s under construction, so go in the evening or on the weekend,
and you’ll have to turn around at the fence at Cold Spring, but it’s looking pretty


Posted in Bike Lane Reports.

  • Bob Wagner

    Bike Blaze guy, THANK YOU!
    The work you do is amazing. Very well-thought, stylish and free-spirited.
    Yesterday, I was crossing Windsor Mill on the GF and saw the DV (dickeyville) blazes for the first time.