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Events: Mencken’s Baltimore by Bike

HL Mencken

I’ve heard good things about the Baltimore Heritage rides, and another one is coming up fast. It’s an homage to H.L. Mencken, lauded Baltimore journalist. Here’s the quick-and-dirty:

We’ll ride along the streets that Mencken knew best as we discover the site of Little Joe’s Bike Shop where Mencken learned to ride a bicycle in the 1890s, imagine the fine meals Mencken enjoyed with friends at Marconi’s on Cathedral Street, stop by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s home in Bolton Hill and stop by the Poe House, just around the corner from Mencken’s birthplace on Lexington Street. Our tour ends with a chance to tour the H.L. Mencken House and enjoy light refreshments.

This is $15 bucks and takes place a week from Sunday. More details HERE.

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