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Over in DC: Dashing Bicycle Show

Dashing Bicycle Show

Fans of cycle chic, listen up.  Brooks is traveling to 5 different cities over the next 8 months, showcasing a traveling exhibition of “fine bicycles and accessories for fans of style in the saddle.”

Better yet, the whole shebang is sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin, the Official Gin of Baltimore Velo.  Remember kids, whiskey has the reputation, vodka has the popularity, but gin is the true gentleman’s drink.  Words to live by.

Anyway, this whole thing sounds pretty tight and it hits DC on 4/20.  If you have better things to do that day–and you probably do–you’re in luck.  The showcase will be on-hand for 2 weeks, so you should have plenty of opportunity to check it out.

More details over at the Brooks blog.

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