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What’s up with the Fallsway Bollards?

Bollards beheaded on new bikeway

Photo Credit: Mark Reutter

If you’re like me, you ride the Fallsway bike trail on the reg.  And I’m sure you other Fallsway riders have noticed the sad state of the Fallsway bollards (also known as pawns).

If you’re not in the know, the short of it is that the bollards give a nice visual cue to drivers and cyclists alike that the bike path is separated by a curb. And, well, drivers just aren’t getting it. These things have been getting absolutely decimated since their installation.

What started as a feather in the bike planning cap has been reduced to something of a bollard graveyard.  Can we expect them to be replaced?

Head over to Baltimore Brew to find a nice little story about the history behind their installation and to find out what’s next.  Check out the story here.

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