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Baltimore Cycling News: December 17, 2012

Three Feet Please Jersey

Photo Credit: SWFBUD

Can you imagine such a safety campaign as I have in the headlines? Yet consider the latest from MDOT:
The 3-Foot Passing Law – Motorists are now required to give cyclists 3 feet of clear­ance when pass­ing. The 3-foot law has an exemption for roads that are too nar­row to allow 3 feet of clear­ance safely. In this case, drivers are allowed to pass cyclists with less than 3 feet.

Let’s start with a narrow two lane highway, which is basically the narrowest type of highway most people will encounter. Just considering width (which our three foot law does) there is plenty of room for one motorist to pass another on this type of highway. Given that, there is certainly enough room on this type of highway for a motorist to pass a lawful riding cyclist with at least three feet of space.

Councilwoman Cathy Bevins is looking for a district representative for the Baltimore County Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee. This committee was created by the County Council in February 2011, in recognition of the need to develop dialogue on a variety of transportation-related issues affecting the County. The Commission consists of 11 voluntary members, one from each council district, appointed by their respective Council Member, and four at-large members appointed by the County Executive…

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