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December Baltimore Bike Party Eyewitnesses Needed

December Baltimore Bike Party

Photo Credit: Marc Hartley

While the turnout for the bitter cold December Baltimore Bike Party was surprisingly strong considering the weather, all was not well for one bike party rider.  He peeled off the ride as it was heading south on Maryland Ave.  He turned onto 23rd St in the left lane of the one-way street.  Out of nowhere, a car came up from an alley or small road on the rider’s left side, failed to yield, and hit the rider.

The bike hit the front fender and the cyclist flew over the car, ending up on the sidewalk.

Police quickly responded, and some bike partiers stayed at the scene.  The driver also remained. No citation was given out at the scene.

The victim has requested that any eyewitnesses come forward with their accounts to facilitate the police investigation.  If you have any information, please reach out to Baltimore Velo and we will connect you with the rider.



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