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Photos: Charles Street Bike Lane at 695

Charles Street Bike Lane at 695 in Baltimore

If you’re been down near Bellona Ave, you’ve no doubt seen the roadwork that’s been going on there in the recent past.  As it turns out, bike lanes were part of the plan.  B’more Bikes writes that the lanes “extend from Bellona Avenue (north of the Beltway) to just south of Kenilworth Avenue.”

The design has one interruption connecting two bike lanes.  It sounds as though I, along with some commenters on the photos, think the design would have been much more effective with a dashed line across the vehicle on-ramp between the two.  I fear that using the current design, drivers may not see pedestrians or cyclists crossing before it’s too late.

Check out B’more Bikes to see the photos and see for yourself.

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