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Baltimore Cycling News: January 7, 2013

Proponents of pedaling Maryland’s streets and trails say they’ve covered a lot of ground in their efforts to increase bicycling opportunities, but there’s also much more to do.

“I’d give the city a B-plus and the state a B,” said Carol Silldorff, executive director of Bike Maryland, the Baltimore-based cycling advocacy group. “Progress takes time.”

Baltimore’s Sun Paper did an investigation in Baltimore’s many speed cameras and found much lacking, including proper measurements in some instances. The paper milked the story over weeks and, naturally, government haters are out in full force fretting about the freedom of motorists. Yet, I would locate the real problem on the opposite end of this spectrum: the general lawlessness on our city streets. If the paper is so interested in measurements, it should measure the top speeds people travel on urban streets where kids walk to school. The paper should videotape how many seconds after a light turns yellow cars still race through intersections, how impossible it is to cross on a marked crosswalk (try North Avenue between the two parts of the Coppin campus or in front of the BMA), or how many pedestrians downtown walk blindly across the street no matter what the signal says. Or how at any given downtown intersection cars block it when their lane is congested and create gridlock. Or what percentage of drivers have their hands on phones and texting devices right in front of your eyes, no matter that Maryland law prohibits it.

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