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More on HB 339 from Nate Evans

Bicycle Helmet

Tuesday, Baltimore Velo whet your appetite with an appetizer explaining why HB 339, the proposed mandatory helmet law, is a bad idea.  This morning, Nate Evans gives us a main course.  His editorial over at B’more Bikes is well thought out, and you should read it.

It outlines why the law is such a huge step backward in 5 ways:

  1. Helmet use has not been proven to consistently improve safety
  2. It can be construed as discriminatory to Hispanics and African Americans
  3. The current law–mandatory for cyclists under 16 years of age–is not broken
  4. It will increase friction among cyclists and police
  5. It will stunt Baltimore’s tremendous cycling growth

Make sure you set aside some time to read through the article here, and contact your representatives afterwards.

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