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Baltimore Cycling News: February 25, 2013

Chris Bishop of Bishop Bikes

Photo Credit: Josh Patterson

Former bike messenger turned frame builder Chris Bishop has worked hard to hone his craft, and the fruits of his labor are starting to pay off. His classic steel road frame was selected for Best Road Frame at this year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

I just attended the latest quarterly Reservoir Coalition Meeting hosted by the GVC. While the meeting proceeded as it typically does, there was direct reference to mountain bikers building trails at Merrymans, including two eye witnesses to the work off the fire road coming from Pot Spring Road. Needless to say, this presents a rather significant concern for mountain bike access at Loch Raven.

Although I always wear a helmet when bicycling, the feel-good bill to mandate adult bike helmets has flaws (“Helmet bill gets objections from bike advocates,” Feb. 13). First, the bill would adversely impact the poor, minorities, and immigrants who don’t own a car and depend upon their bicycle to get to work. Education and making inexpensive helmets available for these low-income groups would do more to increase helmet use than passing an unenforceable law.

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