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Beware the Guilford Bike Boulevard

Today, I was riding home from work on the northbound Guilford Bike Boulevard.  The same thing I’ve been doing every other day in recent memory.  But today, something was different.

Dreadfully, awfully different.

As I passed Mt. Royal and headed north approaching the Copycat building, I saw a group of boys aged 13-15 ahead.  Nearer to me was one of their peers.

I passed the first male and approached the rest.  Suddenly, the first boy yelled out, “Bike!”

Suddenly, the entire group of 4-5 teens charged full speed at me simultaneously.

It’s funny how the body can operate on adrenaline on a dime.  I accelerated as fast as I could away from the group.  I was nearly knocked to the ground.  Ahead in the distance were 2 cars in the on-coming traffic lane.  I headed towards them to try to intimidate my pursuers before swerving out of the way.

I lost the boys and escaped physically unharmed.  Emotionally, the danger in my psyche persists.

I called 911 and the police showed up shortly thereafter.

That doesn’t mean the boys were without their victims.  There are reports of other cyclists similarly evading the group.  Unfortunately, Mark Brown at Car Free Baltimore wasn’t so lucky.

I was able to warn two other cyclists to avoid the route before safely reaching my house.  However, if you ride the Guilford Bike Boulevard, exercise extreme caution.  Err on the side of caution.

Be aware, and ride safe.  Mark Brown’s latest blog post could happen to any of us.

EDIT:  Based on our comments, this sounds like this activity is also happening on Charles St, just north of North Avenue.


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  • ryan97ou

    me and my friend had the same thing happen to us on charles street just north of north avenue where the street lights turn to LED and the trees block a lot of lights. it’s definitely up around there. be safe.

    • the-other-ryan-in-baltibrew

      I am that above mentioned friend. It’s been happening in Lower Charles village for a long time. It warms up, and bored kids outside for the first time in months see this as an opportunity to get a bike for the summer.

      The only thing these kids respond to is threat of force, or capture. They have nothing to lose. Keep your lock in your back pocket, folks, and don’t feel bad about using it.They’re obviously not worried about hurting you.

  • Brian

    Just rode up around 3:30pm on Saturday alone, no sight of trouble makers.

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  • Light Street Cycles

    I always use Guilford Ave. biking to and from work. I will be careful and keep an eye out. This has happened before, and extra patrol cars from both the city and Hopkins helped deter further attacks.