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Introducing Bike Safe Bmore

The old saying holds that the best ideas are sometimes the simplest ones.  And after last week’s Guilford Ave. events, hopefully that holds true for Bike Safe B’more.

Bike Safe B’more is a new Google Group. Here’s the word:

Cycling can be dangerous! This email list serves as an alert system for dangerous situations as they occur. If you are threatened, assaulted, or attacked, after you have gotten yourself safe, please send an email to the group so that the area can be immediately avoided. Thanks!

So simple, so useful.  Make sure you check out the group and sign up here.

Thanks to Evan for the tip.

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  • Michelle Barrow

    I don’t know that avoidance is the best strategy. Maybe a better alternative would be to alert the forum of where an incident happened and then organize groups of riders to travel at the same time. Safety in numbers, reclaim the streets, etc etc.