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Baltimore Cycling Resources

News and Updates

  1. B’more Bikes
  2. B’more Fixed
  3. Baltimore Spokes

Shops and Services

  1. Baltimore Bicycle Works
  2. Bearings Bike Project
  3. Broadway Bicycle Shop
  4. Twenty20Cycling
  5. Joe’s Bike Shop
  6. Light Street Cycles
  7. Race Pace
  8. Velocipede Bike Co-Op

Custom Frames

  1. Bishop Bikes
  2. Nash Cycles


  1. Bikemore
  2. Bikemore Facebook Page

Bike Clubs and Teams

  1. Baltimore Bike Club
  2. Bike UB 
  3. JHU Cycling
  4. L’équipe de Cyclisme B.C.
  5. Loyola Cycling


  1. Baltimore Bike Map (Updated for 2012!)
  2. B’more Bikes (contact to request maps)
  3. Official City Bike Map (en Espanol)
  4. Maryland Bike Maps


  1. Bicycle Commuter Resource Guide (Baltimore Metropolitan Council)
  2. Employer Guide to Bicycle Commuting (Baltimore Metropolitan Council)


  1. Baltimore Bike Party (aka the old Baltimore Critical Mass)
  2. Baltimore Bikes Flickr Group
  3. Johns Hopkins Bike Commuters Google Group
  4. Johns Hopkins Security Bike Registration
  5. Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee
  6. Rando Ramble
  7. Six Pack Ride 

Facebook Groups and Pages

  1. Baltimore Bike Party
  2. Baltimore Family Bike Party
  3. Baltimore Online Bicycle Swap Meet
  4. Bikemore
  5. Charm City Cross
  6. Six Pack Ride