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Check out the Velo Orange x Hold Fast Straps

Hold Fast x VO Straps

This is a marriage of two Velo favorites that we’ve been covering from the jump. Check out these Velo Orange x Hold Fast Straps. These things are going to look tight on any classic looking bicycle.

Read all about them at the VO blog, and then swoop HERE.

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Meredith of Baltimore Bicycle Works Weighs in on the Best Rides in Baltimore

Baltimore Bicycle Works

I’ll let this slide just this one time.  We haven’t updated our Best Rides in Baltimore series in like 2 years (I’m looking at you, Arne), but that doesn’t mean we didn’t coin the term.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, friend-of-Velo Meredith Mitchell from Baltimore Bicycle Works gave CBS Local her own “best rides in Baltimore” point of view.

Make sure you check ou the full piece HERE.

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Baltimore Bike Party Needs Volunteers

Baltimore Bike Party Bike Prom

Just a friendly reminder:  the Baltimore Bike Party cannot exist without the help of a dedicated volunteer troupe.  This month is no different.  Here’s the latest:

With 2 weeks til the next bike party, volunteers are needed to help out with just about everything.  As evident last month, the bike party is expected to grow even larger now that winter is over.  Volunteers  manage intersections, help at the end point, assist with breakdowns, lead, sweep while still having a really fun time!  If you’re interested, email for details.

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Pratt Street Reminder

Inner Harbor Bike Lane Construction

Have you been seeing a lot of this lately? How can you get by with pedestrians plaguing the precious bike lane?

Just a reminder that the mixed-use-trail cum bike lane cum mixed-use-trail is, in fact, a mixed use trail by design.  It’s a long story, but it was originally designed as a mixed use trail for the East Coast Greenway.  Along the way, for whatever reason, it was re-purposed as a bike lane.  Now, it’s back to its original intention.

If you are anything like me, you agree that trying to ride on this thing, especially during the weekend, is a complete pain-in-the-ass.  Something of a tourist paradise.

That’s why I’m here to remind you that the rightmost Pratt St. lane is still a bus and bike lane.  Use this information wisely, and happy travels.

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Sticky: Guilford Ave Update

Guilford Ave Bridge

Photo Credit: Donnie C.

Wow. Since my original Facebook post about the group of teens who attempted assault against me, I’m very impressed in what transpired afterwards.

First, cyclists in the Facebook thread exchanged stories about those 2 problematic blocks on Guilford Ave.

We soon figured out this was no isolated incident.  Police quickly responded to my 911 call, but by the time an officer arrived, the kids were gone.

However, they were not without their victims.

Mark Brown was assaulted.  Who knows how many others were, too.  Brown’s Car Free Baltimore post garnered 21 comments.

The next morning, Baltimore Brew posted a story quoting myself and Brown.  Fifty-one more comments.

Its accompanying Reddit post?  43 more comments.  I am credited with catalyzing the discussion.

More reports came out detailing similar incidents between North Ave. and 25th St.

The Mid-Town safety office was contacted and a patrol car was on the scene during Friday rush hour traffic to ensure cyclist safety.

And my original Facebook post?  Ninety-one comments and counting.

If you need proof that the Baltimore cycling culture is maturing, here it is.  We have shown a dramatic uptick in ridership in the 2 years and counting that this blog has existed.  The Baltimore Bike Party explosion speaks for itself.

We now have a dedicated, Baltimore city bike advocacy group.

And if my situation happened 3 years ago, I am not so sure this positive awareness and activity would have resulted, let alone so quickly.  Of course, that’s not to say that these types of incidents will not happen again.  To be clear, I am sure they will.  But finally, we have a tight-knit, bustling community to band together and take action against them.


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Photos: B’more Fixed “Piss Puddle”

Photo Credit:  Keith Teket

Photo Credit: Keith Teket

Make sure you check out the latest from the B’more Fixed crew over at Keith’s flickr photo gallery.

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Beware the Guilford Bike Boulevard

Today, I was riding home from work on the northbound Guilford Bike Boulevard.  The same thing I’ve been doing every other day in recent memory.  But today, something was different.

Dreadfully, awfully different.

As I passed Mt. Royal and headed north approaching the Copycat building, I saw a group of boys aged 13-15 ahead.  Nearer to me was one of their peers.

I passed the first male and approached the rest.  Suddenly, the first boy yelled out, “Bike!”

Suddenly, the entire group of 4-5 teens charged full speed at me simultaneously.

It’s funny how the body can operate on adrenaline on a dime.  I accelerated as fast as I could away from the group.  I was nearly knocked to the ground.  Ahead in the distance were 2 cars in the on-coming traffic lane.  I headed towards them to try to intimidate my pursuers before swerving out of the way.

I lost the boys and escaped physically unharmed.  Emotionally, the danger in my psyche persists.

I called 911 and the police showed up shortly thereafter.

That doesn’t mean the boys were without their victims.  There are reports of other cyclists similarly evading the group.  Unfortunately, Mark Brown at Car Free Baltimore wasn’t so lucky.

I was able to warn two other cyclists to avoid the route before safely reaching my house.  However, if you ride the Guilford Bike Boulevard, exercise extreme caution.  Err on the side of caution.

Be aware, and ride safe.  Mark Brown’s latest blog post could happen to any of us.

EDIT:  Based on our comments, this sounds like this activity is also happening on Charles St, just north of North Avenue.


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Events: Spring Classics Sale at Twenty20

Spring Classics partnership with Specialized

Here’s the latest from Twenty20:

Running through April 22nd, we will be offering huge discounts on Tarmac, Roubaix, Venge, and women’s specific Ruby bikes as part of our Spring Classics partnership with Specialized!

Come in for more details and pricing. The timing is certainly something you’ll want to take advantage of.

Spotted at Facebook.

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Events: Rando Ramble Monument to Monument

Rando Ramble Monument to Monument 2013


Here’s the big one.  The Rando Ramble to end all Rando Rambles.  This year, ring in your Cinco De Mayo by riding from Baltimore to DC.  Scan that QR code above, or head over to the nice write up at Bike Shorts for more details.

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Events: Sherwood Gardens Family Bike Party

Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore, MD

Photo Credit: Baltimore Brew

Here’s the latest from the folks at the Family Bike Party:

Spring has arrived and the Baltimore Family Bike Party is riding north to stop and smell the flowers!  The tulips (all 80,000 of them) are blooming this spring at Sherwood Gardens – a favorite spring destination for many Baltimore families. Starting with a loop around this beloved neighborhood garden, we’ll ride along quiet curving streets past parks and playgrounds in Guilford, Homeland and nearby neighborhoods.

The event takes place on Saturday, April 20.  Make sure to RSVP here.

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